Sorting items alphabetically

Is there any way to sort bodies/sketches/folders etc. in Item Manager alphabetically? If not, is there any chance to for this feature in forseeable future?



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Hi @slawinski , no, we do not plan to implement this feature. What is the problem that you’d like to solve with this feature?

Hi :slight_smile:
Most of my projects contains hundreds of parts. I design things that I build from chipboard. So every single piece of board is represented as separate body in the design. Everything in the project is systematicaly named, ie “JU-FTTL-CONS-Col(L)-01”, so It would be easy to find the exact part in the design when cutting it in the workshop.
My workaround is to put everything to 1st level out of folders, bulk export separately, let finder sort items by name and bulk import everything back :smiley:

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