Folders in Design Tab

Is it possible for you guys to implement folders? Meaning, one could create folders and assign design files there either through right click to show the options drop menu or drag and drop functionality?

On my end it’s starting to get pretty messy and 90% of files are vital but are unorganized.

A “Sort By” feature would be very welcomed that would also affect the items inside folders. By last modified, last opened, create date, size, alphabetical, etc…


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Yes, it’s a very popular request, and it’s on the short term roadmap of the Sync team.

Bless you!

I now see that there is already a thread on this, sorry! You’re doing an amazing job with the app!

Thank you :pray:

Daniel, have you explored the iCloud File methodology?
Here are two photos of my work on Shapr3D. I export the designs into iCloud File Folders, and can sort by multiple parameters.

Thank you for the reply!

I indeed use this with Dropbox (I prefer to be platform agnostic). Although with the launch of Shapr’s Cloud Sync feature it should eliminate this workaround, albeit, it’s not yet as feature rich and vertically integrated as your proposed solution. Nonetheless, I’m very pleased with Istvan’s reply and I’m looking forward to new releases.

iCloud is essentially platform agnostic. I view all my iCloud files on Apple and PC devices. It’s indifferent. But we’ll see what Shapr3D comes up with. I’m fully integrated with iCloud across all platforms, and my CNC, 3D printers, and laser systems.

Sounds like you have a pretty established bussines, I wish you all the luck! :smiley:

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