Spiral staircase

This is a spiral staircase project for a store.

Each step has a different shape, the railings are made up of small pieces.

The staircase hides a 50x50 cm square brick column in its axis.
The width of the steps, including the railings, is 100 cm.
Railing width - 8 cm
Railing height - 90 cm
Outside total diameter - 280 cm
Step height - 16 cm
Rotation of the spiral of the entire staircase - 270 °
Heights- 256 cm
Material- Plywood (4 cm)

The staircase is currently in production.


You are genius :star_struck:.

Thank you, Rohan

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2d drawings are helpful right?

Sure, that greats opportunities to realize this project


Why is the central hole square? Wouldn’t the orientation of the square hole have to change with each step, requiring dozens of unique steps to cut out? Whereas a round central shaft would enable you to make only the 4 basic outlines of steps because each could be rotated to any position on the supporting shaft?

This is awesome as hell!

In the center there is a supporting brick column, it has a square cross section. The customer had a desire to make steps around the square to strengthen the staircase structure.

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Great work :star_struck::star_struck:

Great work! Which app did you use for the rendering?

Thank you! Keyshot 10 and Cadmio for IPad

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Thank you :+1::+1:

Hi You are great! In deed we try our best to do what the customers desired!

:clap: :clap: :clap: That is really a great example. Thanks for sharing.

Brilliant work as usual…

Thank you very much👍

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Very nice @Antey85 :clap:
Check out ‘Grand Designs’ on Channel 4 (UK). There was an architect that did something very similar to this - end result looked really good.
I’d also add in a part number to the CNC - thats one big puzzle! :laughing: