Shapr3D helped me build this!

This is a display piece I have designed for a one of a kind handrail I built, mostly to challenge myself to build something unique. It is finally coming together.
There’s a lot more to it but this would have been a lot harder without shapr3d.

I will have more pictures later this week


Nice but looks like steps. Where is handrail?



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I will have pictures of the handrail to upload later this week. It’s gone to sandblasting now.
There will also be wood tread to go on the steps.
More coming soon


Beautifully elegant carrying of forces to the main beam

Here is one more update before I get the wood stair treads finished.
I started on the handrail first and it all came from my imagination a little bit at a time.
Once I realized it was gonna look good I thought I should have steps for it as a way to display it.
I do a lot of ornamental iron work and I am tired of making the same old styles.
So how better to display it than to show off our ability to make floating staircases as well. Or better yet, how can I offer to build it for the customer if I’ve have never done it before?
The stairs went together like a dream, thanks to shapr3d. Saved me tons of time!
If not for the ease of use of shapr I may not have ever attempted this staircase design.

The best part of this project might be the wood stair treads that I am having made by some very talented people. I won’t spoil the surprise, but I will have everything put together by Thursday at the latest.

Thanks to everyone here on the forums that have helped me over the last couple years, everyone here is so helpful!

I forgot to add the pictures earlier.


Here it is!


Beautiful, but I wonder about deflection/movement as one bounds up and down the steps? Is it freestanding; that is stairs on either sides not connected to a wall? Thanks



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This is a display only, but I can walk up them just fine, at the farthest point. I weigh about 180lbs.
The rail is pretty heavy and acts as a counter weight. And gussets to keep the plates from flexing.
If we were to put something like this in a house, it would definitely be secured at the top and bottom.
I just wanted to try something new and different. And show it off in hopes that a customer will one day ask for something similar, or understand that their imagination is the limit.
We are actually doing our first show this weekend, so I was rushed to get it finished.


Drop dead gorgeous. Going in my clip file for set designs. Olive wood ? Elm? Spalted something interesting anyway.

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Amazing job! :clap:


Thank you so much!
the wood is spalted hackberry. And all came from single log. They were made by a local business, Superior Artisan Wood.
The top rail is brass plated with a torch and brass wire wheel. I used gel stain on the rest of the steel.

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very cool!

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This is stunning!

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Thank you all!

素晴らしい :partying_face: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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This is really nice work.

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I like this kind of design.

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Love the offset spine. I’ve built many spine stairs and have always liked how they turn out. Never thought of offsetting the spine. Rail looks really good too! I’m sure that’s an eye catcher for customers when they come in your shop.
I also have to agree that Shapr3D really makes designing and even manufacturing customer stairs, railings, gates espies, and even structural buckets that are fairly complex so much easier than the old school pencil and paper way my dad and grandfather did for their entire careers. Customers love seeing designs too before building starts.
Nice work and love seeing a fellow metal fabricator on here!


Thank you! I made this is the only spline stairs I’ve made, in hopes that customers will start asking for something similar. And to satisfy my urge to make something one of a kind. There were a lot of firsts for me in this piece. If you have any wisdom to share I would appreciate it.

Shapr3d is definitely a game changer for the metal fabrication industry. I can’t wait for them to add a sheet metal feature, to unfold parts to cut flat. I use it mostly for handrail prints and cut outs for the cnc plasma cutter, for more complex designs I have also used it to verify with the customer.

Shapr3d continually gets better with every update. Eventually they will get to us Metal fabricators and make features just for us