Spring frustration


I’m very new to Shapr3D but loving its potential for a project, I’m stuck on a frustrating part of making a spring. I just need the spring to be flat at both ends (so it would stand vertical). I’m looking to flatten the last rotation at each end!

Attached is what i’m looking to reproduce.

Thanks in advance



Could you just draw a rectangular sketch perpendicular to the spring and at the elevation where you would like the flat part to be, extrude the rectangle, and then subtract it from the spring?

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The video is from @Sebestyen (Shapr3D staff).

Do what @jcclow recommends for flattening the ends of the spring.


Thanks @TigerMike…didn’t know there was a video out there, but had done it in the past in AutoCAD.

Thanks Mike, I have seen this video before, but stubbornly tried to find ways to compress part of the spring…Anyway this has worked and look great See image.

Many thanks


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