.stl can not be edited (cut out holes)

Hello all,

I made some easier Projects but now i want to edit a stl file (Dragon) for my Kids. I want to make 4 holes in the foot to insert some magnets after printing. I had once a freecad project which i imported as .IGES and i could edit the file with Shapr quite good. But now with the STL it is not possible to „cut out“ some holes in the food as i did it few times before in other projects. It only extrudes (see picture) but did not cut out as i expect this. Is there any other way to do this?

Thanks in Advance.

I have found STL files problematic. Some can be boolean edited while others cannot.
Have you tried this- Make a cylinder body first. Then move the body in place through the STL. Then try to Subtract the cylinder from the STL?

Hello Mike,

Thanks, i do not know why because i thought i tried it before but after some tries which body should stay it worked quite good. For now i tried it quick, the toes are still there but tomorrow i have time to check it out to cut them too. Thanks so fare.