STL file won’t import

.stl file not importing. Just loads and then when done nothings been imported.

Using iPadOS 17.0.3
App Version 5.493

Tried to add a screen recording of the loading but says I can’t because I’m a new user. I’ve searched and searched for a solution but none have helped. I have updated the app, my iPad does need an update but this has been happening randomly before the new OS update came out. Some .stl files import and load without a problem. The current file I’m trying to import is 95MB but I’ve imported higher MB without issues.

Then after so long it quits and nothings been imported Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom


Please open a support ticket and attach the problematic file. .stl-s can be broken in many ways, and though we do our best to fix them, sometimes it just not possible. We will know more after investigating the file.

I’m trying to submit a ticket but every time I try to upload the .stl file it ends up say it took to long and the connection was lost.

Could you upload it to Goggle drive or similar, and share the link in the support ticket?

I got it fixed thank you though :slight_smile:

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