Unable to import STL file

Hello, could someone help me with this STL file I’m trying to import. See the thingiverse link below, the file is named bonding_knife.stl. When I try to open the file it is grayed out and won’t like me select it to import. help!

Thank you

Hi @mbeck007 Welcome to the Forum.
It is assumed that you are not using the Pro version of S3D.

Search, available top right of every Forum page, for Importing STL and it will reveal a lot of information.

These articles may be of interest:



Happy S3Ding

Hi, where are you trying to import the file from?

As a workaround, please can you save the file to your iPad file directory
Then try importing the file from there and let’s see if the issue persists.

Yeah so just saw the pop up this morning when I tried to import another file, says imports are only for pro subscribers, disappointing but gotta have something to incentivize people to give money. It’s just such a bummer that there is this huge barrier in the maker community to have good cheap cad programs. Especially if you have no commercial prospects and just doing things for yourself.

We offer a 14 day free trial period for the Pro subscription. You can start one and the subscription can be canceled anytime.