Struggling with threads/screws

Is the any news on a Thread tool?

I know the solution for this is the Revolve tool.
But I usually end up with issues like this:

Maby you should make a «threads and gears workshop» :wink:

Looks like a distance vs number of rotations issue. What happens if you increase the rotations by another 360 degrees? Have you tried revolving the inverse of your drawing?

If i increase by 1 degree It won’t revolve

I ended up importing som screws from mcmaster and subtracted them from my model on some of holes

Hmm. I thought about making threads for some printer projects. I’m still trying to wrap my head around I.D. of the threaded hole and O.D the threaded body’s tolerance being too tight by merely subtracting the bolt from the body/ nut.

The hole diameter needs to be slightly larger than the bolt diameter or you’d never get past the first thread. No?

Going to the hardware store and buying a steel nut to put on a galvanized steel bolt doesn’t work IIRC. Seems I have had that problem before in the real world. I think they use different dies for galvanized nuts to account for plating (not Anodizing).

You can Google thread sizes for male and female threads. Then use the mean dimensions. This will enable clearance.

Click picture for usdz (part.reality)

I ended up adding threads instead of «cutting threads»

First one didn´t come out as good as I wanted.
But the second one came out decent

The threaded holes was made by substracting a screw from Mcmaster.

A good video tutorial/workshop of how to make ACCURATE threads and gears would be nice :smiley:

I know there is a online gears generator but it´s not free for unlimited dfx downloads.
Maby someone can make one :wink: Hint hint

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