Create actual 3D printed threads

Does anybody have an actual process for design of actual threads(bolt and threaded hole) for 3D printing? Subtracting simple “revolved” thread doesn’t work, there is no gap or fit tolarance. Tried scaling to get some gap, but threads no longer line up. Tried over sizing the subtracted thread, but again that thread doesn’t line up with original. I’m beginning to think that actual 3D printed threads (bolt and nut or threaded hole) can’t be achieved with current Shapr3D. Any one have success with thread making for a 3D printed part?

Hi - We have a recent thread on this subject: Threads (nuts and bolts) - solution found

What is the tolerance of your 3D printer? Threads properly achieved should fall into the ± .005 for a smooth transition. That may vary depending on the application, material and so on. Are you able to measure the pitch, major and minor diameters with a thread micrometer or optical comparator?

Worst case scenario for small production of hardware / screws / nuts might be a tap for internal threads or a die for external threads. Or of course purchase the hardware from McMaster Carr or eBay… :crazy_face:

How many folks even deal with the coefficient of thermal expansion when working with close tolerances specifically in plastic…

For the most part temperatures do not have an impact…

If you’re going to adhere to the GD&T while designing (Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, it’s something to consider?

Otherwise, fit, form and function might be the general rule? :sunglasses:

My 3D printed threads work great from Fusion 3D. Shapr3D has some work to do concerning threaded features. It’s understandable it can’t do everything yet.

Thats fact… :sunglasses:

To be clearer, Shapr3D can do threads… :nerd_face:

I’m trying to create a 12mm fine thread with a pitch of 1.5mm. I draw the thread profile from iso tables and revolve it around the axis but it won’t revolve more than 360deg. I get an error message that there are invalid faces. The spiral does not intersect but I can get it to revolve multiple times if I increase the pitch to say 5mm. It feels as though the revolve tool is designed for springs etc. and just doesn’t like finer pitches.

My mistake. I confused length with pitch. Sorted now.