Stud Appication guide frame plus, Secured Torque test bolt



Nice! How does it work?





The Framework is approx 1.5M high and bolts to the floor (see levelling feet). The top portion hinges upward and back, a sheet steel panel approx 1M x 800mm is placed vertically against the frame and the top is then lowered. A “Rivnut gun” is then pushed onto the panel (locating in circular bushes x 6) and a Rivnut is accurately positioned and inserted. Repeat in remaining 5 positions. Remove Rivnut gun, lift top section and remove assembly.

The Torque test Bolt. Is inserted into a "in pressed " nut that has been applied to a sheet metal panel. A torque wrench applied and turned to check for secure fixing of nut. Before chain and washer security to work station, a plain bolt was used, it sometimes was forgotten and left in the assembly, getting to customer!


Thanks for the explanation. Nothing worse than a spinning rivet or giving the customer a free bolt…