My best fixtures so far

Note the White and black 3D Printed brackets to mount the clamps and their interlocking shot bolts and sensors.
This saved me from having to fabricate from Aluminium plate and sheet.
Note the four tubes in the upper picture, these are all at compound angles to one another, there are 3 more tubes not actually inserted at that time, which made 7 in total. The fixtures in the lower drawing had 9 tubes fitted.
The tubes are guides for aligning and locating manually inserted Rivnuts, using a pneumatic insertion gun. Not seen or perhaps shown are the pneumatic Poka Yoke cylinders on the back end of each cylinder, combined with a Reed switch to check for the presence of the Rivnuts, before the clamps can be released.
I wouldn’t have been able to create these without Shapr 3d. I had to produce around 40 2D dimensioned manufacturing drawings using the Shapr 2D feature but then transferred into AutoCad LT, to enable me to dimension to ISO Standard with tolerances (hence my constant frustration with the previous limitations of the 2D drawing feature).
P. S. I’ve just been made redundant and am seeking a similar role, if anyone could provide some leads, I would be very grateful.
Thankyou and regards, Richard


This is fatnastic. Thanks for sharing. Sorry to hear about your situation. I’m sure that you’ll quickly find a great opportunity.

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Thankyou and thanks to you and your team.