Room Refurbishment

I have recently been helping a friend with some work in their home, redesigning and also doing the physical work.
First part was a cabinet and shelves for an existing alcove, then an under stairs storage area. I could have used one of those room decorating apps, but the ones I’ve tried don’t give total accuracy with the components in an existing room.
Shapr3D gave me exactly what was needed. It allowed me to create the room with accurately modelled items, and then make the cabinet to fit the alcove.

This is the open alcove:

Here is what I came up with to fill it in:

Modelled a few of the other room items to give a sense of realism:


I’ve had fun modelling it in Shapr3D. The hard part physically making the unit comes soon :smile:

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Looks great, Stephen! :clap: And your glass is still half full! :laughing:

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Thanks Bob :smile:

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Great work Sir, and it looks very good :+1:t2:

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