To subscribe what is it I need to do?

What I want to do is simple.There must be something simple I am missing.I look to designate my home.Genral shape is optagon.With that established next i look to set my foundation,4x4 externally then an additional optagon foot print to secure the heating elements.Once the foundation is there,is there a need to do a construction plan.Perhaps I need a coarse but with limited time energy and attention span.Is there another way,that you could point me in the right direction ?


To draw an octagonal shape, just draw a circle in the Top view and inside it draw 8 connected lines. Select all the lines and click the = icon.



Trim the circle parts away and you have your slab foundation. Use the Offset tool for interior octagonal elements.

Shapr is good for the conceptual design. I recently did a simple Accessory Dwelling Unit.


But if you are building something in the US, there are lots of laws and regulations like zoning and building codes. So your best bet after developing your idea in Shapr is to consult with an architect. Good luck.


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