Making regular polygons

Perhaps I am missing something. It has been difficult for me to figure out how to do some simple things in Shapr3d, such as making a regular polygon (hexagon, pentagon, etc), or making a simple oval, with a particular. And drawing a simple organic shape such as a flower petal or a tree leaf is also tough. Any suggestions or recommended tutorials would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rick

We have a tutorial on creating a “hexagon”:


  • Learn how to create a hexagon in Shapr3D using sketching constraints.

It’s tt the bottom of the page or you can use the filters to locate it.

In the future, we will have a tool to quickly add primitives like these. But right now, you have do them manually.


Currently there’s one way to draw an oval:

  • draw a closed spline with 4 control points (1 starting point, 3 clicks with the pencil, connect the end of the last line with the starting point)
  • adjust the control points to get an ellipse / oval