Toggle switches?

It’d be nice in my way of working at least to have unified, maybe by default, toggle switches for Points/Dimensions as well as Constraints visibility., separate of work in progress. Like I said before also. ±bubbles(toggles) for each, so I can work with what I see/want to see instead of finding out, taking time away from my work.
In additon I would love to be able to place them and have them stay where I’d like them to be, sort of ^clean up^my workspace the way I would like to see individually as a modeller.
As is now I can have 5 perpendiculars in one area for two lines! (of course there is also then more than two lines, but it appears to be related to only two lines as they layed out.

Having that would make Shapr3d stand out even more from other CAD/Modellers just as much as Shapr3D is already in so many ways!