Tube bending in 3d

Hello everyone, looking for some help. Dont know how to bend tube correctly without any corner not only in one x,y axis but in 3d in two axis. Thanks you for your time!

Hi gacer,

Are the bends regular throughout? If so I think you could use the rotate tool - there is a hand railing tutorial that covers that principle.

If not, can you post plan and elevational views of what you are trying to do?

  • There may be a geometric way of solving the problem using angled sketches and the project tool.

  • There’s also the loft tool for more complicated shapes, though there are a couple of things to look out for and it’s not easy to be as accurate.


And here’s another idea using the Sweep tool based on a plan sketch. I think it would only work if the height was regular.


Hello @gacer1728, I think you are looking for the 3d spline tool that is currently not available in Shapr3D. There is a workaround to create a 3d curve by projecting a spline. Although it will be an edge, not a spline, it can be used for creating bodies.


I thought I’d share a variation of what @KPeter_Shapr3D demonstrated. Instead of projecting a spline, I created a spline on the backside. Again, this is just a variation. BTW KPeter, this is the first time I used Perpendicular to Curve at Point when adding a construction plane. :slightly_smiling_face: