Bend an object

Hey guys, I did a board and am trying to bend it as a whole, It is possible to do so without having to restart eveything?.. Thank you!

Hi Maverick,
the short answer is: there is no feature for bending avaible in Shapr3D, yet.

A better answer may be:

  • Make an Offset-Construction-Plane at the locatiion of the bending-line
  • split the part into 2 bodies
  • tilt one of the bodies at the corresponding edge by the angle you want to bend
  • Revolve the end-face by the bend-angle to close the gap
  • Make a union of the 3 bodies
  • now you can manipulate the outer radius of the bend and make a fillet at the inner edge to have the same thickness

But please be aware, that this procedure does not mind any bend-allowance at all.
Cheers Matt

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