Tutorial Request: Concept art end-to-end

So Shapr3D seems amazing for CAD work - there are a ton of videos showing on YouTube showing how to model parts with Shapr.

I’d love to see a tutorial series or even just one video showing Shapr being used for concept art (e.g. game assets, VR assets, etc).

There’s a very short one here: 3D modeling a robot arm on iPad with Shapr3D - YouTube

I know many of the concepts between CAD and concept art are the same - and I could just watch videos of building a toaster, the electric razor, the engine to gain the skills - but it would be really awesome to see someone who is using Shapr3D for concept art / game art modeling do a series.


Hey @Whatsdonisdon , that’s an area that is a bit out of focus for us, but I’d love to have someone from our community. Eg. this design by @peteCdesign is quite amazing:


I got some free screen capture/streaming software, next time I get a job that’s appropriate I might make a process video, generally speaking it seems to be a good practice for driving traffic and other people often chime in with useful suggestions


Nice! That will be awesome to see for everyone.

Regarding screen recording - I would just use the iPad built in screen recorder (it’s in settings if you haven’t used it before)

Then when you’re done, just upload directly to YouTube - they’ll convert it into something smaller for you.

Probably no need to mess with other software unless you want to

If you are planning to record a video, it’s probably useful for the viewers if you turn on the Tutorial mode in the iPad’s Settings / Shapr3D (or in the app’s Preferences on macOS), so they see where exactly you tap with the pencil/fingers. :slight_smile:

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good tip but I’m using a workstation not a pad

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Then you can enable it in the settings :slight_smile:

thanks that’s a good tip