Hello there! Can I get someone who can teach me how to use Shapr 3D software from the beginning?

Hello there! I need a teacher who can teach me how to use shapr 3D from the beginning. And it should be an online class


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Hi, you have a tutorial section within the app. The videos will guide you and you will learn all what you need. I began with CAD and Shapr from scratch this summer and i used it too. Now im good to go.

YouTube and playing with the app are your friend. Shapr3D has a huge catalog of tutorials on YouTube and you should check out Bevelish Designs on YouTube also.

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Hello ! Thank you very much for your reply. And I have watching bevelish and other tutorial guide on YouTube. My question was is there not a specific course about shapr 3D?

John, I get it that some people prefer live lessons, over YouTube learning. If you want to set up a Zoom Call, Teams, or some other video methodology, I’ll spend 30 minutes to an hour maximum, helping you through it, IF, and only IF you’re using an iPad and Pencil. I don’t use a Mac or PC for my Shapr3D work. You can reach out to me at Sales@CustomKarvings.com