.two body revolve

I have sketch which is meant to show two separate bodies but when I tried to revolve the first one it gives this error message.

Can you share your sketches here?

You might want to zoom in real tight and examine the two areas I circled in red. There may be a sketch anomaly involved.
Better yet, do what @Rohan suggested. Can you upload your sketch?

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Here are the close ups & all looks well in fact i inverted the sketch I revolved ok around the smaller part.
I have had a similar issue before


I can also extrude _ the parts separately like this too

but I still cannotrevolve the larger body

I did some tidy up of angles to 90 degrees exact and at least now get a more specific error message as per photo bet no idea where to fired this problem

Oh shoot! Now it won’t even revolve thesmaller part!

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See message on attempt to revolve the-smaller part

Ok so I have got to the bottom of the issue but had to frig a way around it as maybe there is some software resolution problem here? What I did is check the faces on the axis were straight by-constraint setting but it still had to issue so i off set the faces that were touching the axis then it revolved! Both of them! Not ideal for my design gut a bit of progress and & hope that gives info to look into to issue a bit more as don’t see I did anything wrong first time

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I more or less re-created your initial problem. In my scenario, the axis of rotation is slightly inboard of the face to revolve. Is this what you found as well?


No it wasn’t. I thought that and checked by making sure the line was straight. I have no idea how to check how it is exactly aligned to the axis.
So I offset it and I had to do that by about half a mm as it would not snap less.
It’s not really right but it’s allowed me to progress the rest.
If you have any suggestions on how to make sure I can have the line exactly on the axis and not slightly over please let me know and I will try it.

Could you try to revolve around the vertical line of your sketch, not around the axis?
If it works, it would prove Mike’s guess is right, whitch is also my bet :grin:

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Here I did something a little different.
First revolve axis at the top horizontal line.
Second revolve above the top line.
Third revolve below it = Error.

He Mike I tried that and it works! However it begs the question why and appears to be on intermittent problem & have had before. The axis should work as even on very close zoom in it shows the line Is on the axis. However I this think this is a great work -around thanks