Unable to select segments of a sketch for deletion


I created a sketch having many parts. I was able to delete parts of the sketch I did not need. However there are two arcs part of which I’d like to delete but when I try to select a part of the arc, the entire arc gets selected.

I’ve tried unlocking/disconnecting the parts of the sketch but I’m still not able to select part of the arc.

Please let me know how I can delete a segment of the arc.




Don’t try to select segments of sketch, you can’t. What you need is the Trim tool in sketch mode. What does the Trim tool do? – Shapr3D Help Desk


Thanks Zoli. I did try using the Trim tool but it was still selecting the entire arc.

I’ve managed to resolve the issue. I deleted the arc and then found that there were multiple arcs, segments of arcs and lines as overlays. So it was not just one arc or line. I deleted all the arcs and lines and drew new ones. Then I was able to Trim sections as was required.
Thanks again.