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Not sure if this should be a feature request or need help, but there are a few things I would like to see improved.Fwiw, I’m using WIndows 10.

  1. When renaming objects, once I right-click and choose ‘Rename’ and want to cursor over to the part of the name I want to change, the cursor is almost impossible to see. I end up counting the times I arrow over, and if I go to far, the cursor jumps out of that dialog and starts focusing on the folder tree elements. Sometimes it even opens or closes the folder.

  2. After isolating an object so I can export it for printing, it would be much better if the file name in the dialog defaulted to the name of the object I’m exporting. Instead, it defaults to the project name, which would be wrong 100% of the time. For instance, if I have a project called Widgets, and I have isolated Widget_50, almost all the time the correct filename would be Widget_50, not Widgets. It would be much more streamlined when I am printing a lot of objects if I didn’t have to type the new name every time.

Anyway, just my two cents.

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Thanks for the report. The visuals around renaming are indeed problematic, the selection state and the cursor is hard to see. We’ll look into this and fix it soon.

Your suggestion around the export file defaults makes sense, but we’ll need to think about it a bit more as it only works well if the user gave a meaningful name to the isolated items (“Folder 01” or “Body 03” does not make for a meaningful filename), and you can only offer one default without overcomplicating the experience, so the logic needs a bit more nuance. But we’ll see if it can make it work, it can indeed be a great little productivity improvement.

Hi Peter,
I would expect users to quickly learn that naming their exportable items to meaningful names is an advantage over “Folder 01” or “Body 03.” I like @Dayton3D idea of using the item name (regardless of it being meaningful) as the export name.

Today, if a user has an unnamed project and don’t name their file during export, they can get something like: “ shapr3d_export_2023-12-07_06h15m” as the file name.

Also, the user has the opportunity to change the name before saving during the export process, so they can still change “Body 03”. Like Dayton3D, I almost always have to change the export name.

Perhaps an export name that includes the project name (truncated???) and the item name…

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