Feature Request IOS

Just a tiny thing - when clicking rename on an object/sketch/plane etc it would be nice if the old name was selected so you can just type in the new name.

At the moment you have to select the whole name and delete it which I find quite hard to do with the pencil.

In fact it is easier to use the keyboard (with the pencil) than write the new name. I’m not sure if this is because of the pencil, Shapr3D or me! Maybe a little drawing box would help?


Yup, couldn’t agree more. We love to get this type of feedback about these little annoyances, keep them coming.

Swiping with the finger works well - just discovered it!.

Be good for a pencil option though

I agree. I have been crossing the word out using scribble. I don’t like writing with the pen quite yet because it doesn’t always get the word correct or won’t capitalize the second word. So I will cross it out then hit the empty box with my finger.