Using a part of an already created body as reference

I’ve modeled a body consisting of various extruded cylinders but when I add a new plane off the outside cylinder to add a new part that must fit over the already modeled body, I cannot get the centre of my new circle to reference to the centre of one of the circles part of my previously created body. Can this be done, what am I doing wrong?

Your text is not understandable.
Please add a video or pictures to your question, preferably with the Shapr3D file.

Why not use the end of the cylinder to make a bigger sketch plane, then the new plane will already be centred and you can create the new bigger cylinder from that?

If that’s not right, can you post a few pics of what you’re trying to do?


I’v tried that but I cannot get a snap on the plane centre lines to place the centre of my new circle on this point. The circle centre is wherever I place my pencil on the plane. Sorry, I’m still new to using 3D drawing software.

You can use the Project tool to project the cylinder’s edge to the construction plane you have created.

Project tool tutorial: Project | Creating complex 3D bodies - YouTube

Recorded a quick video on how I would solve this particular case: Screen Recording 2021-02-21 at - Google Drive

Ah cool - I was just about to record a vid of the project tool…

As another option, it is often very helpful to create (or move/relocate) your first object to be centered on the axis origin — especially for highly symmetrical objects. In your example above, it appears as if the “X” axis would have been a good choice to both, revolve the original sketch and then, to use as a center point for the circle.

One of many useful techniques I’ve picked up from the many, excellent tutorials available. I’m certainly not a CAD expert, but I have used SketchUp for many years (and lately, Fusion 360), and I often find that the best way to do certain things in Shapr3D is different from what I am used to (and frequently, easier and faster). I can honestly say that every minute I’ve spent watching Shapr3D tutorials has been paid back in time saved.

Thank you, I tried this and it seems to be working. This seems to be a very useful tool that I will use a lot now that I know how to use it with this type of modelling. I guess working through problems like this one gets the knowhow to use a program like Shapr3D.