Very slow response from workspace

I have been experiencing slow response from my current workspace. It wasn’t like this previously. There are several shapes currently in my workspace but I wouldn’t say they are over crowded. I am not sure whether it is because I loaded several shapes that was created previously with the older Shapr3D version that causes this issue? I have difficulties to even sketch on my workspace now. I tried removed all the loaded shapes but it doesn’t seem to help with the responsiveness.

Second issue I encountered is with the grouping. For some reason when I created a new group and named it something, the name will change automatically or being overwrite to some random numbers or characters. I am not sure why this is happening.

Third issue I encountered is that sometimes when I moved a shape, some other shapes which is in hidden groups will suddenly become visible.

Please help.


Can you send the problematic workspace to

If support can’t resolve this then it sounds like a memory issue with your device.