So slow when drawing


So i made a rather simple drawing, and start to manipulate parts of the drawing, every action takes about 30 seconds to complete, extremely annoying when you try to change a few things. Annyone have the same experience?


Can you post the workspace, a video or a screenshot of the issue?



Hi - this is great thanks. A workspace and a video would also would be helpful :slight_smile:


I wil try to make a video, but maybe it`s useless because nothing happens for about a minute, i love this program and enjoy it a lot :grinning:


Hi - then please just share the workspace :slight_smile:



Oh, I meant to export it as a .shapr file. This will show you how: (you have to have a PRo or trial, let me know if this is not the case)


Oops :flushed::joy:try.shapr (628 KB)


Thanks - we will have a look :slight_smile:


After 5 days No reply makes me wonder why i should continue paying a monthly fee? So i just cancel the prescription and wait for a better uppdate


Hi - The problem has been reported, we are working on the fix. Sorry for the wait


Is it me! Or is the problem solved i am drawing in freeform and now it’s normal speed :grinning: