Voting system for new/missing features


I’d like to know if you have considered implementing a voting system, so we (the users) can have a say in the roadmap and which order the missing features are implemented in???

Also, what is the best way to request features??

And is there a place we can see you plan??

You just gave us text support, which is really great. (Even though it quite poorly implemented). It was long overdue.

But then you also made the Zebra thing. It must have taken quite a bit of coding time. But who requested this feature?? Must be a narrow user group?
I’m shocked you made such advanced/niece features, when you don’t have even the most basic stuff in place yet.
Things like:

  1. Array copy. Internal/external and linear/radial.
  2. Folders to organize design.
  3. Measure/inspect tool.
  4. Wireframe view. (segment view doesn’t always do it and is buggy/cumbersome)
  5. Copy from other shapr design.

And then there is all the annoyances. Like:
a) Undo/redo history is not saved, so lost if you need to go look at another design.
b) Pan/zoom often jumps weird places. An “undo view” would be really nice. And the ability to save favorite views for a design.

… the list goes on, but don’t belong here…


We have a user research team of 5 people, constantly working on better understanding our user’s needs. They regularly reach out to our community and do deep user interviews to learn what we should build to make you successful with Shapr3D.

We do not have a public roadmap, and don’t plan to have one.

How could we make it better?

We implemented it together with G2 fillets, which was a regularly requested feature by industrial designers. It is a part of our effort to make Shapr3D a fantastic tool for industrial design. G2 blends (and lofts and sweeps) are very important for industrial designers, and without zebra rendering they are much less useful.

Every design software has an incredible depth and breadth, and we are working very hard to implement as many features as possible in the shortest period of time.

One more thing: are you aware of the measurements in the bottom of the screen?

It doesn’t take a 5-person team to do research.
It is enough here in the forum to listen to the users who sometimes ask for years about basic functions that are a matter of course with every other CAD.
But apparently zebra crossings and dark mode are more important.

Hi Pascal, our research team is doing a fantastic and invaluable job to understand the needs of the hundreds of thousands of users using Shapr3D every month, which is much broader and more diverse than the community on this forum.

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