Wanted: HBPM comparison instructions/tutorials

Just installed the Parametric Beta. Looks and works really amazing! All the best from the original version plus more. However can you (or other experienced designers) provide the community with some instructions to learn and understand all the extra possibilities you have developed ? Also step by step tutorials will be very welcome.

Yes, of course, we’ll update the documentation and create new tutorials. Also we are happy to answer any questions here on the forum. Do you have any specific questions?

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Nice to hear. Well I need to study this first to be able to have good questions. Because it’s a bit overwhelming now you can find back all the steps in the history. But a first question I have:

  • when you copy a designed body, how can you seperate/shut off the history from the original. Because it now looks that changes made in the history also effects the new copy. Sometimes you do not want that.

Anyway it will be very helpfull if your team could make some instructions with the advantages and all the possibilities with the HBPM they have in mind.


Hey Edwin, can you share an example, where that would not be useful?

Hello Daniel,

Yes this could e.g. be useful when you would like to compare different possible designs. It is one of the advantages of Shapr3d to copy a body and compare different design options. For example see below picture. When I change something in the history the copy is also changing. So it would be nice if you can seperate that. Or do you have other feedback ? I also noticed that the revolve tool on the Z-axis give the error: bad angle in the Beta version (not in the original version)…

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This is something I was wondering about too.
To expand on this idea, it would be cool if you could take an item and it’s history, at a certain point in history and basically call that a new object going forward with new history that can be modified without affecting the original. I Imagine that would involve copying all historic inputs to that item so it may be tricky to implement.

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Maybe they could add “remove parameters”, similar to this (not my video!):

Yeah, I know this is NX, but Shapr3D uses the same kernel… so maybe???

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Well maybe it will be a good idea to add to the copy button (see photo) a feature to copy it static or dynamic (or something like this). So that you have a choice that the new copied body is not related to the original. Other option will be to export your design as IGES and import it back. Are there other suggestions ? It also could be nice if there could be a total delete button in the history tree… Anyway this HBPM is a very powerfull improvement and Shapr3d is really perfect 3d design software to work with!


Here is very good video:


Great video! Thanks

Excellent video, really very informative. Well worth watching the whole thing as it answers many questions. :+1::+1::clap:

His other video about 3Dconnexion is also very useful

Yes good video. Nice explanation about how to use parametric modeling in Shapr3D. Very helpfull, so I am sure more In-Depth tutorials will be appreciated!

remove parameters👍
I agree that but they seem to be not gona do that
Maybe my meaning is wrong or not clear enough.