Closing the HBPM section of the forums

With the release of History-Based Parametric Modeling in the live version of Shapr3D, we are closing this section of our forums. While you won’t be able to create new topics here, all existing discussions will remain accessible for reference. Thank you for your contributions during the beta phase.

Please feel free to continue the conversation and share your feedback on the new features in the general forum sections.

A few tips for you if you participated in the beta tests follow below :point_down:

Getting HBPM in the live app: You can download the latest version directly from our downloads page. No additional setup is required, and you can dive right into the new features.

Moving over your designs: Please be aware that designs created in the beta version will not automatically transfer to the live version. To avoid any discrepancies and ensure a seamless transition, we recommend exporting your projects in .shapr format from the beta and importing them into the live app. This way, you’ll retain all your design history. For step-by-step instructions, please refer to our manual.

Deprecating the beta app: With the successful integration of parametric modeling into the live app, we will be concluding the beta program. The beta app will stop receiving new builds and will become unavailable in approximately 90 days. For those interested in continuing to influence the future of Shapr3D, we encourage you to apply to join our Gamma program.