Warhammer 40k cosplay

Hello all, I’ve made models all my life from air-fix to wooden ships.
Recently i bought a 3D printer and couldn’t get on with any of the software out there until i found shapr3d.
I’m mainly interested in cosplay Armour and have been designing from scratch for a couple of months now, i feel that i am confident enough to share with the community my latest design. hope you enjoy!


That’s truly impressive. Do you plan to 3D print this model?

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Thank you for your feedback.
I am going to 3D print this, I build the model in shapr3D in parts then slice each part.
Below is a more basic helmet I have already printed


Excellent work :+1:

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That’s awesome. Please post photos of this new design as well when you print it!

Thanks again, I will definitely upload a picture soon.

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