I love Shapr3D, i struggled to produce the items i wanted with other programs. So here are two of my latest design for the COSPLAY community. since joining a year ago i have created approx 40 designs from helmets-guns and even a 9ft tall frost axe!
here we have
Plasma pistol
Wolf feral Helm

these have been 3D printed and are awaiting assembly. Keep up the good work Shapr3D


Hey DF3D,

Love your wolf helm design. Have you shared any more of your work?

Would you be willing to share the file for the wolf helm?

I would like to build it out of steel.

Would love to talk about it more if you are open to it.


Morning, Much of my work is shared via cults3d.com and i have a patreon for which i charge a small fee however I would love to see this in steel. My email is darkforge3d@gmail.com so we can discuss. The design was created to fit into the lore of the 40k universe and im pretty sure that you would have a lot of people inquiring if it was made from steel.


Just an update to show the printed design, painted using copper spray, brown acrylic wash then rub down.
finished with a faux verdigris paint.