Was my work flow correct, any better?




That works out good. I have been using that shape often. How I did it was divide the width by 2. So if I want it to be 6mm I draw a 3mm line then rotate/copy that line every 60 degrees (360/6=60) like you did, then I connect the lines.

Same results, just a different way. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for sharing.I think the next release will support array,then we need not do like this


Welcome. Array will be nice to have.


I can not watch all the videos from youtube.com, and my screen record also without the pencil,Could you pls tell me how?


To enable the screen to record with the pencil, you go to settings on the iPad scroll down till you see the Shapr3D app, then select it. Then you should see a setting that says tutorial Mode. You can enable it there.

I’ve attached a picture to try and show what I mean.


Totally got it,tks.


Is there a site that you can? Or is it better to share with you by iCloud.


Here is an iCloud link so you can see the video.



https://discourse-cdn-sjc2.com/standard17/uploads/shapr3d/original/2X/f/fdfe49012f7e46c86d2947a43d2beb04895fe3ec.mov https://discourse-cdn-sjc2.com/standard17/uploads/shapr3d/original/2X/6/6809dbc402a76cad113aa81e63f3341d3c891bf8.mov


Thanks for sharing these. That way is also very good and simple to get the end result.