We could use some more forum categories

Time for new categories?
Suggestions :point_down:
:point_right: Tutorials
:point_right: Off topic: Design, Shapr for 3d printers, architects, machinists (share what you know).

We get a lot of asks for how to’s that would be easily searchable in it’s own category, and many here like to help. Less clutter in the Need help category.

E.g. Off topic, I’d like to “pontificate” on Designing for 3D printers, after printing a “less than efficient design” from Thingverse for my neighbor’s drone… the supports took longer than the body… :frowning_face:, and other relevant stuff related to using Shapr in general.

A tutorials category would help newcomers and off topic for us pontificators (speaking for myself naturally).


Agreed :100: We are thinking on a bigger community platform revamp, not just that.


Please add tags.

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What can I say about this forum. Throughout his stay here, unfortunately he does not solve the main tasks of the forum.

Not obvious categories, not intelligible and passive users. The task of any forum, in addition to asking for help, is also to solve problems, ask questions, and of course, evaluate the success of those who are developing in the 3d modeling.

What we see in fact, no interest on the part of users (how this project was implemented, what was used to solve problems, etc.)
I understand that the product is created for professionals and industrial using, but modeling as a hobby also takes place.
For me personally, it would be useful to still actively discuss projects, and not to model boxes and jars! The activity on the part of users is especially surprising.
It is unambiguously necessary to change both the platform and the format of the forum itself, otherwise it loses the whole meaning of its existence.

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All good points, we are working on it. :slight_smile: