Community suggestion box?

Hello, I was wondering if we could add a new category here in the forum focusing on suggestions and update reviews?

Hi, we don’t have a specific box for that, but this entire community platform exists for that reason :slight_smile:

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My suggestions:

-design accuracy to more than 3 decimal places

-2d drawing accuracy to 3 or more places

-custom title blocks

-multi sheet support

The whole app feels a bit “canned” right now. It does not yet feel like something you can totally break loose in as a designer. It does not feel like something that will yet be truly useful for manufacturing without the help of other apps.

The app itself is a total breeze to use. I cant wait for the day that it becomes the only 3d CAD program I utilize for manufacturing.

I think the Shapr3D team is doing great things. Its just becoming tough to be patient with so many basic features (specifically in the 2d drawing space) still missing, while the price goes up.

I hope when Shapr3D says “coming soon” they mean it.

Thanks for the hard work. Looking forward to what is to come.

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I second that.
Shapr3D is TOO good - and we’re all impatient for it to grow to maturity. :grinning:


This is very interesting. What do you miss the most? What would we need to do to get there?

I am guessing that you mean the placeholder buttons on the drawings interface. Yes, we mean those. We are actively working on them.

The app feels a bit like there are guardrails up. This might be nice for people just starting in CAD and 3D design, but when compared to a full-fledged 3D CAD program it is easy to see.

Some examples: Only 3 decimal places in design space, unable to mix fractions with decimals, unable to enter simple math (ie 5.5 minus 2) to get the resultant as a dimension, unable to mix design units (ie enter 10mm while working in inches and have the conversion happen automatically). No assemblies with constraints and basic motion.

Some 2d examples: 2 decimal places? That is way below industry standard, at least when working in inches (I am admittedly unsure about when working in mm). When using fractional inches in the 2d space, I seem to only get a dimension to the nearest 1/8th inch. Even a tape measure has 1/16” or smaller.

Custom title blocks will also be 100% necessary. Info such as drawing #, part # and revision are needed to create anything more than a glorified shop drawing/sketch.

I do not mean to be harsh. These are just the types of things that real designers and people working in the manufacturing industry will need if your app will be used stand alone.

Please believe me when I say that I trust in the potential of this app greatly and would not bother commenting in the forums if I didnt. I would simply unsubscribe from Shapr3D Business if I did not believe in this app and the potential of the team at Shapr3D.

If anything I listed is actually possible in Shapr3D currently, please let me know. I have only been using this app for about a month.

These are just my first impressions and a list of things I noticed right away with the latest update. I am certain others in the manufacturing industry feel the same.

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@DonB , this is gold, thank you! I’ve shared this with our product team. Some of these are bigger, and coming later (eg. assemblies), but many of these issues will be addressed in the next couple of months.

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Looking forward to it!

100% agree! Without Solid Works at by disposal any longer I’ve put all my eggs in to the Shapr3d basket and so excited about the recent changes and the improvements to come.