We won't support Twitter authentication with the new release (3.0)

In the new release (Shapr3D 3.0), we will no longer support Twitter signups/logins, which will affect some of our users.

If you signed up for Shapr3D with your Twitter account in the past, make sure to create a new account (email or Facebook).

This switch won’t affect your workspaces or subscription!

This is what you should do to have a working account in the 3.0 version:

  1. Log out of your Twitter authenticated Shapr3D account.
  2. Tap on Login/Sign up
  3. Create a new account
  4. Make sure your subscription (if you have any) is working properly. If, for some reason, it does not; contact us at support@shapr3d.com and we will fix it ASAP.