Webinar Shapr3D

Can someone please provide us with the link of the latest webinar made by Mr Claas Kuhnen ?
This will be very interesting to learn more about Shapr3d as well as the approach of designing.

Thnx in advance.

Hey - here they are:

Part 2 - full webinar video

Use the latest Shapr3D version, 5.630 to open the workspaces covered

Headphone file for import [(Loft, Loft parameters)]

Lab chair file for import (Modeling 3D splines, Sweep)

Metal chair file for import (Shell, Sweep, Boolean)


Thnx, watched it, very good tips! Wow, this is really very powerfull software. Please make more of this “in-depth” tutorials. Big fan of Mr Claas Kuhnen and his logical though creative design approach.