What’s with the competition dates?

I JUST got the email for the competition TODAY. It clearly says 14 days for each round. And yet the deadline for round 1 is a week tomorrow. So in that limited window you’re supposed to clear time to do a vanity project, get inspiration, produce some truly outstanding work, build a tidy and coherent movie of your design process, post it on Instagram and then enter a contest of who can get the most likes, not who has the best design? In 8 days?

I could’ve got really excited about this but now I just think it’s about the most misguided start. You guys get so much right. But not this. If I had even a few days notice, I would have have taken banked time off to get ready and do my best work. Irritating.

Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it.
The email copy is a bit misleading, thanks for pointing out, we are correcting it.

We give 14 days for each round. This is Round 1 now. We are just starting and figuring out what fits best our designer community. We try to make it easy to participate and not super complicated to judge the submissions. Screenshots are also welcome, not only videos.
This time it’s a ‘community-judged’ contest and that’s why the number of likes are the measure of success.
However we plan to give away special Shapr3D prizes for the designs we love the most. And the final secret price will also be given by a Shapr3D jury of CAD experts.

I hear you that you would be more excited for a professional oriented, serious contest that is purely focusing on excellent design. We take this as a brilliant idea and we will work on it.

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Thanks for the response. My point was most definitely not about professional design competitions. It was about a chance to have some fun trying to build something as good as my peers on here in this very democratic space, with a design from an era very dear to my heart. As for winning, well I guess if you can take the time to get the most people to like your Instagram account, enjoy your iPad. I’m going to take the challenge anyway for pure fun but this still doesn’t explain how a 14 day round ends in 8 days.

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Whilst I understand that it’s good PR to spread a company tag, the winner is likely to be the person with most followers on their instagram. How could someone with 200 followers EVER compete with someone with 100k followers, it’s just impossible.