Where to find public files we can use?

Is there a Shapr3D public library? Where we can download shared files ? Or is GrabCad about it?

I somehow thought there might be a library within shaper3d to draw from.

Mc master

Many people don’t like to share their files as they treat them with confidentiality. But there is a category in this forum named “share your creations“ and some people also share their original files of Shapr or STL, STEP or other formats there.

I did see this category but among the threads I see screen shots I think? I don’t see any actual files and a download button ? Did I miss something?

I don’t think you missed anything or probably yes I don’t know but as I said before some files are bounded to confidentiality issues and maybe some people are not willing to share them with others in a publicly visible manner. In the meantime we could ask Shapr3D team to create a special category in this forum in which volunteers share their files.