Why can I not draw a 100 x 100 m square?


After having drawn a very simple sketch here, I am now trying to draw a 100 x 100 m square, but shapr3D won’t let me as it’s saying this would exceed the available working space.

But if I then change the scale from cm to m, Shapr3D simply changes the measurements of the previous drawing to meters. Can anyone advise me what to do?

Thanks in advance, Zumen


The size of the modalspace in Shapr3D is 500m in every direction from the origo. So depending on where you want to draw that 100m square, you might end up being outside of it, that’s why you are getting the message.

Hi Lacy,

100 m is far less than 500 m and I’m trying to draw the square starting from zero. So it should work shouldn’t it? And it seems kind of random that I can only draw up the square to a certain point.

Also I can’t change the distance later on, what usually is possible…

It should be possible to draw a 100x100 square:

Update: I was wrong, its 500m from the origo in each direction.

Hi Laci,

thanks for this information. In my case there is no other object in the drawing space except the one small box. I tried again and this time managed to draw a rectangle of 97,79 x 93,59 m which has its point point zero at X/Y=0. However this time I once again couldn’t change the length manually…

Could you export your design and send it to laszlo.korodi@shapr3d.com ? I would take a look at it to figure out the problem.