Getting started

I am a super beginner and can’t even manage to start a sketch.
I’ve tried to draw a line but keep getting a message saying "Out of bounds design space is 1km cubed

Close the sketch. Hit CMD+1. And start a new sketch.

You can also start here and watch the tutorials

Thank you.

It seems to work on my mac pro but not on my iPad.

not sure why.

Are you using Apple Pencil for your iPad?

That message appears when you (accidentally) try to draw somewhere not on the currently active sketch plan — which is represented by a grid pattern. Since we are creating 3D objects, but only have a 2D screen on which to enter points, Shapr3D must have some way of understanding where you need each 3D point to be placed.

Notice the grid pattern in 3D views — it sometimes appears to recede to infinity in the background. You can draw anywhere on the grid, but if you place your pencil anywhere not on the visible grid, Shapr thinks you are beyond the horizon so to speak.

It is generally easiest (especially for beginners) to place your sketch plane parallel to your device screen. An easy way to do this is to tap “Front” (or “Right”, “Top” etc.) on the navigation cube in the upper corner. Or, use CMD+2 - CMD+7 (CMD+1 is handy, but it puts you in the default 3D view)

As others have mentioned, there are a LOT of excellent tutorials on YouTube. Guaranteed to save you some frustration. Learning to think in 3D does require a change in mindset.

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Hello again. Got it. It’s working now. Thank you!