Zugu Muse Keyboard Case (hack)

Since there are no keyboard cases out there that are suited for sketching og shapr3d, I desided to DIY one myself.

Basicly taking the best case out there (ZuguCase Muse) and 3d printing a case for the Logi KeysToGo keyboard and adding some magnet in the right places.

Proof of concept:

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I´m also thinking of embeting the magnets into the 3d print by doing some changes to the design and stopping the print at the correct height, put the magnets in and finnish up the print, covering the magnets.

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Nice work! Thanks for sharing…



Not the best 3D print , and I´m missing the magnets. But:

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Magnets are in:)

But new design is waiting to be 3dprinted;)
I dropped the grove magnets an located the magnets location in the case instead. I also added Groves on the back so one can still use the case when the keyboard is attached.

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with Zugu, so this is for my personal use:) I would probably have to remove the logo if I shared the stl file for others to print.

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