0.25 - Section views for 2D drawings and SVG export


You asked, we made sure to listen. We’re dishing up section views for 2D drawings. Download the latest app version to slice up 3D models and explore the hidden details and surfaces inside.

On top of that, here’s a fun-sized bundle of updates for you:

  • New: Fire up your laser cutters and CNC machines! You can now export your sketches in SVG format for 2D manufacturing.
  • New: We smartened up guide points, so you can see and snap to points that lie on a sketch plane.
  • Fixed: We squashed some pesky bugs that made the Offset Edge, Trim, Shell, and Spline tools act up. And, using the transformation tools — such as Scale and Move/Rotate — is painless now.
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Kudos for your development efforts.