4.9 - Export designs in 3MF or SVG format

Hi everyone!

Get your hands dirty and fire up laser cutters, CNC machines, and 3D printers! You can now export your sketches in SVG format (for 2D manufacturing) and models in 3MF format (for 3D printing).

You can export low-res 3MF in the Shapr3D Free subscription plan, and hi-res 3MF and SVG in Shapr3D Standard and Business subscription plans. FYI, it’s time you abandon STL and only use 3MF for 3D printing. Unlike STL, 3MF contains all necessary data — units, surface geometry, mesh topology, textures and other characteristics, and more — for printing in a single sleek package.

Plus, we packed some other medal-worthy updates so make sure you install the latest update for iPad and Mac.

  • New: If you’re a mouse or trackpad user, repositioning or translating a 2D sketch item is simpler in this version. Before, you had to click an element — like an endpoint or center point — once and then click it again to start dragging it elsewhere. Now, you only have to click the item once.

    • iPad
    • Mac
  • New: It’s a bit easier now to adjust a fit-point spline with your Apple Pencil. Instead of tapping the fit point, handle, and then the handle’s arrows, just tap the fit point once to drag its handles.

  • New: Here’s a pick-me-up for Mac and SpaceMouse users. You can select different navigation modes for the SpaceMouse — camera and object. Take a look at this article for more details. Go to View > Navigation Mode and choose the setting that’s most comfortable for you. If you want to lock the horizon while you navigate the design space, enable Keep Horizon Level.

  • Fixed: We gave the app a summer glow-up and got rid of those blips that sometimes showed up on edges and section views.

  • Fixed: If you’re an Apple Pencil user, you might’ve noticed that the Extrude tool’s Done button temporarily disappears. We gave the button a gentle reminder not to misbehave.



Just wondering if the ability to re-read the previously exported .3MF files will be a thing please. Recently I needed to check some artefacts on previously exported files and bringing the files back in would have saved some time.


While exporting my SVG design to my IPad to print on my Glowforge. The files download in separate design layer files and I didn’t know how I could have all layers exported in a single SVG file?