2 extrusions, different size but showing same edge lengths

The attached video shows an inconsistency that I can’t figure out … have redone the operations three times now, getting the same result. I was trying to create a simple slab the with the same width of the more complex part in the model.

So: I selected the edge of the existing part to get the desired dimension. Then I drew a rectangle, and used the extrude tool to extrude it to the same depth as the dimension of the edge I had previously selected. The result is the two objects in the video. The video shows me selecting the edge of the original part (80 mm), then selecting the edge of the extruded part (also 80 mm), but by rotating the model it is clear that the two parts are not at all the same dimension. If I move the slab into an intersection with the other part, and subtract the two, or intersect the two, the result shows that the parts are different dimensions.

What am I missing here? Or doing wrong? Or is this an issue?

Thanks in advance!


Thanks for the fast response! I’m on 3.5.5 … just went to the app store and I don’t have an update notice - is it perhaps not published here in Asia yet?

Uploaded the workspace. Thanks!


Dimension oddity.shapr (644 KB)

Hi Vince- checked the file. This is what I see - they look like the same size (even draw some lines to check)IMG_AF72FBDCFF0D-1 . Nonetheless, the issue looks weird, we will have a look. Do you have by accident the workspace in the stage you have recorded the video?

Hi Daniel

I also opened that workspace, and the things were the same size. in the interim I had restarted the ipad, maybe there was just some leftover state somewhere that was confusing shapr. So I wouldnt kill myself over this one, looks transient. But I’m not crazy am I … that video looks weird, yes?

my working assumption is cockpit error (I’m a programmer/architect myself, so my go to assumption is user error, especially when Im the user). But I could not explain it.

Thanks for the forum. And for this application … it’s a really nice and intuitive piece of work!