2D drawing reset after adding bodies


One thing I find very time consuming with the 2D drawings is the need to start from scratch each time I add or subtract a body in the views.

As an architect my designs are always evolving through a project with the need for constant revision of drawings and so it isn’t unusual to be adding/subtracting bodies for the views and drawings. And to make it worse, the majority of architectural drawings are base on sections through the model.

So, if I have several sections through one particular view adding/subtracting any bodies requires a new view and then redoing all the sections. This results in all dims on the drawings being lost and any note arrows. I have to create a new view, cut all the sections again, place them on the drawing and redo all the dims and notes. All very time consuming.

Essentially the design has to be totally complete before producing the 2D drawings which isn’t practical or how it works in reality.

It would make a huge difference if adding/subtracting bodies from 2D views didn’t require starting all over. If I change the size or position of a body then all is ok and the drawing will update. The problem comes with adding/subtracting bodies.

So far the 2D drawings are a good start but there’s a long way to go - especially for any disciplines like architecture that require regular updates to the design (also looking forward to the ‘detail’ views for which the temporary placeholder button seems to have vanished).

Thanks for all the hard work.


Agreed, this is a problem. Why can’t we subtract bodies without having to start the drawing all over. Very frustrating. In addition to not being able to remove bodies, there is a similar problem with moving bodies in the original model. Moved bodies will appear correctly in place in the model, but out of place in the drawing, once again, requiring one to delete the drawing and start over from scratch.

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