2D drawings update

Here are siome relatively simple features for 2D drawings that would help greatly:

  1. Allowing a drawing to contain multiple sheets, this would save time as currently all sheets need to be exported individually and manually combined in Adobe, all of which show as SHEET 1/1 in the title block and can be confusing for my vendors.

  2. The ability to set “base” parameters for your sheets would also be a helpful feature, I often export drawings in the same fashion each time. If there was a way to manually select the sheet size, notations, tolerances, etc. so that each new drawing defaults to those chosen parameters or could even save multiple stock parameters (to quickly choose between a handful of presets). This would streamline much of my work as well as prevent discrepancies across my drawings.

  3. Customizable title blocks and sheet designs, this would be a game changer for the professional aesthetic of my work. Simply allowing the title block to be shown without the page boarder would be appreciated, but the full ability to change the design or information inside the block would really make a difference. For example: the ability to contain my company logo, or a “drawn by:” block, even a space to show revision information.

I am certain I am not the first to touch on these subjects, but from the other posts it doesn’t look like there was a response. Can you please advise if these features are being considered?

Thank you.



Your requests are on our radar as we recently started focusing on Drawings again and you can expect new functionalities over the course of the next half year. Options to reach the goals in No.1 and No.3 are coming soon step by step. Templating solutions for No. 2 are a little further down the roadmap, but also actively considered.

I would be interested a little bit more in your multi-sheet drawing habits. When you work on multi-sheet drawings, typically how many pages do you create? Are those different part drawings of an assembly or does it happen that you break one single part drawing into multiple pages?


Hello, I created a separate feature request specifically for multi-sheet drawings:

Great to hear, looking forward to it!

I often export 4-5 sheets per project.

I do project management for a heavily design-focused retail construction role. My exports are often complex and highly custom fixtures that are separate pieces that fit together when shipped to their destination to be installed. This information is hard to display on single sheets as the information becomes messy and is hard to communicate .

Thank you for the reply.