2D map to 3D wrap

This was an experiment just to see what kind of result I would get from from slicing a 2D map of my initials and placing each slice tangent to a cylinder and extruding into it. I used 12 slices and wrapped them approximately 180 degrees. The result was okay. I suppose it could be made better by using more slices that are not as wide, but it is very tedious.


This is AMAZING!! Not OKAY!!

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Thank you.
I say it’s okay because the slices don’t mate perfectly in the relief. In fact, they don’t mate perfectly with the project tool either, but the result is reasonably good for art work. I think if a 2D map was divided into small enough pieces, a good result could be achieved. Any 2D artwork could be converted this way if a person had the patience to do it.
I hope that a wrap tool is in Shapr3D’s future.

I think I’ll try a 3D print of the cylinder. If it turns out okay, I’ll post a picture.


I think there is an easier way to do this.

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Can you please tell me what app you use to export text ?

I’m unable to find an app that can do it neither in DWG nor DXF. :frowning_face:

FONTS.shapr (656 KB)


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes that way is easier.
The reason I tried the method I used was to be able to wrap some artwork around a cylinder with minimal distortion.
Thank you for sharing the font.


You can use this application to export text to .iges or .step:


Wow thanks :grinning:
This is what I want :+1::+1:

I’ll give it a shot

Exactly what I’m looking for thank you so much :heart:

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If you have Corel Draw it has great text capabilities and exports DXF nicely. You can fit text in containers and whatnot. I used Corel for 16 years creating instructions/ illustrations so it’s real comfortable for me. Much better than AI. It does Multi-replicate, alignment and path work like a snap! (Can you tell I’m a fan?). For 2D work it rocks!

I’m not experienced in coraldraw

Though the whole idea of me purchasing an iPad and shapr3d is “portability”.

Coraldraw might be better solution but I can’t find it on app store nor play store.

I have a PC though but I use it for gaming :slightly_smiling_face:

Amazing, thank you so much! I spent a couple hours looking for something like this app and failed.