Text on a curved body


I’m brand new to Shapr3D - I’ve done a lot of the tutorials and I’m now trying to work out whether or not it’s the right tool for what I’m trying to achieve.

I’m wanting to apply text around a curved band (e.g. engraving the inside of a ring.)

I’ve produced the text in Illustrator and taken it into Shapr3D as a dxf. I’ve also modelled the body of the ring in the same project … now I want to project the text layer down into the inside of the ring.

Is this possible? I’ve spent hours trying to work something out. I wondered if a sweep would work but i have no idea where to start.

Any help would be SO appreciated - I’m on the pro trial so need to work this out before making up my mind.


Hi Naomi, interesting question. It’s doable, but not necessarily elegant. My suggested approach would be to create a plane for each letter, then place the individual letters on each plane. Then extrude them towards the ring, to a certain depth.

I’d begin with the center if the circle, and draw radial lines outward. Then create a plane, perpendicular to an edge at the end of those lines. Viewing one plane at a time, place a letter onto that plane. With the outline if the letter selected, push it back into the body of the ring. I hope this helps.

Thanks for replying so quickly, McD! I’ll give that a go.

I’ll let you know how I get on!

Be sure to save your work by exporting it as a Shapr3D file, and give it a name. Then work on another copy of it. Just to be safe.

Another idea, would be to create the curved text in Illustrator, then import that curved text. Again, you’d move it along an axis, created from the center of the ring.

I wondered whether that would maybe be easier … I’ve been playing with the individual characters but it’s proving a bit of a nightmare :joy: I have two characters on the band and it’s taken me an AGE!

Will try the illustrator trick instead! Thanks again!

On second thought - that wont work as you can’t produce true 3D in Illustrator, can you?

Isn’t this what “project” is for? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YJDyBxn0pI

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Yup. I totally did mine the hard way. Didn’t even think about it. When I got the program, it didn’t have the triangle tool so I forget about it. Ah well. Thanks for the help. Seems to have worked and now to test print it.

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![img_1847|666x500] (upload://q97AI5o1aqmtzknYpWDKNqOfSGn.jpeg)

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Your work is amazing! What a great design.

This is exactly the type of thing I’m trying to achieve. However I’m unable to project the text.dxf file onto the body… am I doing something wrong? For some reason the project tool doesn’t work for my dxf.

使用dwg和dxf文件导入通常会出错,最初我也是用导入的办法。常见的问题是:1.草图文件过于复杂导致导入失败。2.dwg文件中的草图不是闭合的线。因为总是会出现各种已知和未知的问题,所以我一般直接使用苹果笔在shapr 3d画草图,将绘制草图的步骤也放在ipad上进行。

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Great, thank you for the help! I’ll have a go at sketching the letters out instead. :slight_smile:

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