How do I make something on the curve of a dome?

Hello! I’m new to Shapr3d but I only have one question… I built a dome shape by building a cylinder and curving the top corners. But how do I. do a sketch and exruded shape onto the curve, 9for example a curved tank turret with a gun barrel shape connected to it) or is it impossible? Thanks!

This is my dome

Hi, If you create a drawing plane from the Add ->Construction Plane menu, you can create the sketches which can be projected onto the curved surface.
There is an awesome thread about wrapping curves onto curved surfaces, please take a look at it:

Feel free to let me know if it helps

I wil give that a go, thank you so much for your hekp!!!

Another great thread to look at:

Think of your design as several pieces or bodies as a gun turret would be. The dome, the barrel elevator, the barrel, etc… The separate bodies created then could be merged used the boolean tools if desired later.